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The Teton Range, seen in winter from the Snake River Overlook. In the foreground, snow-covered pine trees.
Snake River Overlook, Grand Teton National Park. January, 2022.

Outside of work, I’m a photographer, specializing in black & white wildlife and landscape photography in and around Grand Teton National Park and other national parks. I publish my photography on my website, All-Encompassing Trip, on Instagram, and on Flickr, among a few other social networks.

A moose and a dog inside an SUV parked alongside Antelope Flats Road stare at each other.
Close encounter at Antelope Flats, Grand Teton National Park. December, 2018.

In 2021, the photograph seen above, titled Close Encounter at Antelope Flats, was chosen as one of four highly commended photos in London’s Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year, People’s Choice Awards. I’ve also been featured in the BBC, the Jackson Hole News & Guide, Jackson Hole Magazine, and the May 2021 issue of GEO Magazine.

I strive to minimize the environmental impact of my work by considering the potential ecological ramifications of publishing my photos, and of the equipment, processes, and techniques I use to make them. I follow Leave No Trace principles at all times, abide by all applicable laws and regulations for the locations and parks I visit, and avoid, to the best of my abilities, causing any damage to natural and cultural resources. All my wildlife photography is made in the wild, without baiting, and attempting to disrupt my subjects as little as possible, without engaging in behaviors that endanger them, myself, or others.