Hello. My name is Guillermo Esteves.

I live in Jackson, Wyoming and I’m an engineering director at Vox Media’s Product Team.

Do you want to get in touch? Email me.


  1. Performance Update #4: So much to do, so much to see

    A recap of the performance work my team at Vox has done in the past year.

  2. Intrinsic ratio elements with a max height

    A little CSS technique I wrote for making elements with a fixed ratio that can also be constrained to a maximum height.

  3. Responsive Web Design Podcast Episode 92: Vox Media Performance

    My coworker Dan Chilton and I spoke to Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane about how we helped build a culture of performance at Vox Media.

  4. Building iOS-like transparency effects with CSS

    Here’s how you can use the new -webkit-backdrop-filter property, which just landed on the WebKit Nightly, to build cool iOS-like transparency effects with CSS.

  5. Take a peek at the code that powered The Verge 50

    We’ve made the source code to The Verge 50 public so people can hopefully learn from it and use it to tell their own stories.

  6. Verge Favorites: Guillermo Esteves

    A few of my favorite things, on The Verge.

  7. Bigger, faster, leaner: The Verge 1.8 brings many improvements to its front page

    A quick summary of the improvements we made to The Verge with the release of version 1.8.


  1. acadia

    4 0

    Source code for my website.

  2. alexa-dark-sky

    2 0

    Alexa skill to get Dark Sky weather forecasts.

  3. alexa-slack

    3 3

    Alexa skill to manage status and notifications in Slack.

  4. denali

    7 2

    A Rails-based photoblogging app.

  5. slackbots

    3 0

    A collection of useful Slack apps I’ve built.

  6. snarkov

    24 8

    Sinatra-based Markov bot for Slack.

  7. trebekbot

    A Jeopardy! bot for Slack.

  8. verge-50

    Editorial app for The Verge 50.

  9. wptester

    0 0

    A simple app to run WPT tests and log them in Librato.

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  1. 1995 Merkin Ball Pearl Jam
  2. 1972 Harvest Neil Young
  3. 2009 Bleach: Deluxe Edition Nirvana
  4. 1994 Jar Of Flies Alice In Chains
  5. 1969 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Neil Young, Crazy Horse


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