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About this site

This website is a very simple Jamstack app, which I call Gateway. It uses Contentful as a content management system to populate a Middleman static site, which is hosted on Netlify.

Why Middleman? I’ve been a Ruby on Rails developer for over a decade, and Middleman shares a lot of commonalities with Rails, including a lot of helper methods, ERB templates, and of course, Ruby as a language, so I’m very comfortable working in it. I’ve also used it very successfully in the past for high-touch custom editorial features, like The Verge 50.

Why Contentful? It offers a very robust way to easily define the content model of the website and expose it through a GraphQL API; all of the content, images, and blog posts on this site are authored and managed through it. It’s a very, very cool service.

Why Netlify? Because it’s easily the best way to host static site these days, and integrates very cleanly with Contentful; editing any of the content instantly triggers a rebuild of the whole site.

In addition to Middleman, Contentful, and Netlify, this website uses Plausible for privacy-friendly traffic analytics, and self-hosted fonts from Google Fonts, specifically Playfair Display, Lato, and IBM Plex Mono. It doesn’t use cookies or collect personal information of any kind.

The cover photos on the home page were both made by me: The Tetons at First Light in light mode, and Comet NEOWISE over Grand Teton National Park in dark mode.