Guillermo Esteves

The Star Wars opening crawl in HTML & CSS

Screenshot of the Star Wars opening crawl in Safari

I’m done: the Star Wars opening crawl, built using only HTML & CSS. Caveats: It only works in Safari 5 and the WebKit Nightly. Nothing else supports the CSS and 3D transforms and animations I used (yet), but I just wanted to see if it could be done. Here's a video of it on YouTube, in case I run out of bandwidth for the day and it stops working.

About Guillermo Esteves

Hello, there. I’m a Venezuelan-American web developer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, right in the heart of Grand Teton National Park. I’ve been building websites for over 20 years, and I’m currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Vox Media, where I lead a team charged with building first-class editorial tools for journalists across the world. Previously at Vox, I’ve led multiple teams as engineering manager & lead engineer, including the Services team, bringing Chorus to newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Deseret News, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune; the Revenue Platforms team, helping build better advertising tools & products for our networks; and the Performance team, helping make our sites as fast as possible. I was also a Senior Front-End Engineer at The Verge, helping build a sweet, responsive, better performing site, as well as cool editorial features like Fanboys and The Verge 50.

In my free time, I’m also a wildlife & landscape photographer, and you can see some of my work on my website, All-Encompassing Trip. This year one of my photographs, Close Encounter at Antelope Flats, was chosen as one of the four highly commended photos in London’s Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year, People’s Choice Awards.

Elsewhere on the web

View my photography at All-Encompassing Trip, view it again (but smaller) on Instagram, check out my repos on Github, add me to your professional network (ugh) on LinkedIn, or email me at