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Heroku discontinues free plans

In order to focus our resources on delivering mission-critical capabilities for customers, we will be phasing out our free plan for Heroku Dynos, free plan for Heroku Postgres, and free plan for Heroku Data for Redis®, as well as deleting inactive accounts.

End of an era. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t had free spaces to experiment and learn web development when I couldn’t afford even the cheapest hosting. And I mean that literally—I got my job at Vox, which allowed me to stay in the United States, because I had my personal website and portfolio, including that old Star Wars in HTML & CSS demo, on a free Heroku account. It makes me sad to see one such space going away.

I’m not sure where I’ll move my Heroku projects (both paid and free), but I’m currently looking at Render and as alternatives.